We want to equip and empower the generations coming up behind us so that they can go beyond us! We want to build a church that our kids and grandkids will love.

To accomplish this, we teach fun age appropriate Biblical truth to kids while recruiting and equipping volunteers to lead classes and small groups. We worship, teach, play games and have FUN!


Following are the different practicum options on the LC Kids team:


This opportunity will be primarily helping kids grades first through sixth find and follow JESUS! Kids this age are eager and open to hearing God’s word and you will get to make it fun! This is also the age range that takes the next step into BAPTISM! Such an amazing phase of life to pour into!


Choose this practicum if you love playing Legos, swinging, crafts and want to learn true child-like faith. You will work with kids 3 years old to Kindergarten. Watch the children light up and engage as you tell stories, sing songs and PLAY! The seeds you get to plant in these children will be the roots of their faith as they grow.


One of the most crucial positions in a church is the Nursery Director. This is where we meet and greet most of our new families! Choose this practicum and you will not only get to play with babies up to 2 years old… you will learn how to recruit and develop teams. Jesus is love and with this practicum you will get to share Christ’s love with babies and their family.


If you have a love for dance parties and KIDS worship, this practicum was created for you! In this school year you will recruit and lead teams of 4th-12th graders in creating an environment of worship. It is a dance party EVERY weekend.


Let us take you to coffee and explain in detail how you can learn essential skills you will need in ministry while having a blast working with our team and the KIDS!