The Worship Arts practicum gives students experience and hands-on training in all areas related to successful church services. Our teams work together to plan and pull off excellent services to help people find and follow Jesus. We have an incredible opportunity, each time we meet together as the church, to point people to Jesus. We believe NWLC students can work shoulder to shoulder with our staff and volunteer teams to create, plan, and execute services that do just that! 

Students will have the opportunity to delve into three specific service elements based on their prior experience, gifting, and vision of their future: service creative, worship, and technical arts. Each student will receive a broad overview of service planning and execution, experience in all areas related to services, and training and leadership opportunities in their specific area of interest.



Students will become a part of the Worship Arts team. Students will attend weekly Worship Arts meetings and receive coaching and training from our staff. Students will also be a part of planning, executing, and participating in Life Center Students and Kids services. You can expect to receive hands-on training and leadership experience in these areas: 

  • How to build a healthy volunteer team
  • How to lead worship on and off the stage
  • Training in your specific area of interest (musicianship, voice, technical positions, etc.)
  • How to use sound, video, lighting, musical, and all other service related equipment 
  • Serving in music and tech positions at kids, students, and weekend services 
  • How to creatively plan and execute a Jesus centered service 
  • How to write corporate worship songs